• Architectural Modeling & Visualization

  • Product Modeling & Visualization

  • Building Information Modeling

  • 3D Printing

  • Fabrication

  • General Design

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I love developing ideas in 3D. Open-ended, ask.

Architectural Visualization

Renderings bring to life construction documentation for your clients. Interior & exterior renderings, 3D floor plans, 3D construction details, 3D printing, design development, 360° panoramas, panotours, animations, general modeling.


Product Visualization

Render your product in numerous colors, material finishes, types and sizes, to present photo-realistic products in any context, or coordinate with clients and manufacturers as part of a design development process exploring aesthetic and functionality. If applicable, visualization can provide the base model for a 3D printed prototype.

Building Information Modeling (Virtual Design for Construction)

Build a 3D model from construction documentation prior to construction - resolve inevitable conflicts and clashes between trades, find conflicting and missing information, create accurate material estimates; minimize cost, conflict and downtime. Liability-waived services only.

Relevant past experience includes time as Whiting-Turner Contracting's BIM coordinator on Stanford's BioE/ChemE facility, as project engineer for W.T., and as an independent contractor for W.A. Bentz Construction, among others.

3D Printing

3D print city models, product prototypes, standalone architectural miniatures, general miniatures, machine parts, jewelry, game pieces, etc. - "hard surface" modeling only (no character modeling, etc.).

Design only - I do not print in-house, but can act as an intermediary between you and print bureaus. I'm experienced in optimizing models and material properties for specific use-cases.

Fabrication, Schematics, Design Documentation, Print

Presentation materials, info-graphics, diagrams, illustrated floor plans and elevations, cut-sheets, etc.