I'm a 3D generalist, working primarily in design, architectural and product visualization, 3D printing and building information modeling (BIM). My favorite tool is Sketchup. I also have a background in construction management, virtual design for construction, and a degree in civil engineering.

I'm a thinker and tend to be future-focused. I like idea people. Some interests include seasteading, cryptocurrency and free banking, the study of incentives, choice, value and force, modular construction, how tech is transforming society... where we're going and what it's all about.



Freelance 3D Generalist (2015-Present)

Producer, Steelblue LLC (2014-2015)

Lead in 3D Printing, Managed Stratasys Objet30pro & Connex500

Clients included Tishman Speyer, Jay Paul, Bishop Ranch, Autodesk, Millenium Partners, Apple

Freelance 3D Generalist (2013-2014)

Project Engineer, Whiting-Turner Contracting (2010-2012)

BIM Coordinator, General PE Stuff

Bioengineering/Chemical Engineering Laboratory - Stanford

Medical Office Building - 3rd Floor TI - PAMF

Intern, Whiting-Turner Contracting (2008-2009)

Lorri I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Facility - Stanford

B.S., Civil Engineering, San Jose State University (Dec. 2010)